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Dr Goh Poh Sun. MBBS(Melb), FRCR(UK), FAMS(Singapore), MHPE(Maastricht) FAMEE. Associate Professor and Senior Consultant, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, National University of Singapore and National University Hospital, National University Health System, Singapore. 

Dr Goh has been practicing as a clinical radiologist for the last 26 years, and has also been teaching at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and National University Hospital (NUH) for the last 23 years, including nursing, dental and medical undergraduates and postgraduates (in the departments of Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Gastroenterology, Surgery and Anaesthesia). He has a special interest in Neuroradiology, Chest Radiology, and Abdominal Radiology. Dr Goh has served as the Radiology Department Clinical Director (6 years, separate terms under 2 different department heads), Undergraduate Teaching Director (6 years, concurrent terms under 2 different department heads), Postgraduate Training Director (3 years); as well as the inaugural Chair of the hospital Risk Management and Patient Safety Committee (7 years), during which time a web-based incident reporting system with back end routing and analysis was developed and implemented, not only in the National University Hospital, but also adopted by the other hospitals in the National Healthcare Group. He has served as Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Radiological Society (3 years, and another 3 years as committee member); as a Council Member of the College of Radiologists of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (6 years); and also on the organising committees for local and international scientific conferences in Radiology; Biomedical Engineering; and Medical Education. In addition to previously serving as Publications Chair for a Regional (Asian Association of Radiology,1998) and International Radiology Conference (International Congress of Radiology, 1994), Dr Goh served as Chair of the organising committee for the 11th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference in January, 2014. He has previously co-hosted a health education program on national television (“Mind Your Body”) on a voluntary basis, over 16 months (three seasons, 1998/1999), as part of efforts to raise public awareness of healthcare issues.

His passions can be summarised in three key words – Technology (enhanced learning), Education and Radiology. He has been developing and evaluating eLearning platforms and solutions for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning for the last 15 years, and has presented this work at conferences, invited symposia and workshops both locally, and internationally. He developed and has presented whole day and half-day workshops on eLearning / technology enhanced learning annually over the last six years. He has published papers on Technology enhanced learning / eLearning in Medical Education journals as well as online papers and reflection pieces.

Dr Goh has served as a member of the Faculty of Medicine Promotion and Tenure workgroup which successfully recommended criteria for academic promotion at our medical school; and has also served as a member of the NUS task force that was successful in developing a proposal for setting up the Interactive and Digital Media Institute at NUS.

He is an alumnus of the Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore (Barker Road campus for 10 years), following which he moved to Melbourne in Australia when offered a boarding scholarship (by Melbourne Church of England Grammar School) to spend his matriculation year at Perry House of Melbourne Grammar. He subsequently attended Trinity College in Melbourne, Australia as an Entrance Clark Scholar, and was awarded subsequent scholarships each year as a resident scholar of Trinity College for 6 years while studying medicine at the University of Melbourne Medical School. He was awarded the Ken Grice Prize as joint top student in Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital while in the 4th year of the medical course in 1985. He completed his radiology training at NUH, obtaining the FRCR in 1993, before joining NUS in 1996. At NUS, he was awarded the Excellent Teacher Award for 2003/2004. Other educational awards include a Poster Prize (Merit) Award at the 6th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference in 2009, and a Best paper award from the session on Learning Technologies, Strategies for Assessing Student Learning and Teaching, 2nd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics, Orlando, Florida, 2011. Dr Goh has been Co-PI on research and educational grants totalling $875,000 when previously Assistant Professor at NUS - as the sole co-investigator with Associate Professor Foong Weng Chiong in Dentistry, and Associate Professor Adrian Cheok at the Interactive and Digital Media Institute as PI/Principal Investigators).

Dr Goh completed the 2 year Master of Health Professions Education Program at Maastricht University in April 2012. His current focus is on building up and evaluating the use of hyperlinked digital radiology and educational case repositories in medical education.

His time allocation (before Sep 2014) as an Associate Professor on the NUS/NUHS Clinician Educator Track was a 80/20 time allocation between clinical service and education. This increased in September 2014 to a 60/40 ratio with a regular commitment working with the education team in the Deans Office, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Singapore, in an eLearning consultative and advisory role (for a 12 month duration on a project basis to develop a pilot program of segmented eLectures for undergraduate medical education at NUS), before reverting to a 80/20 time allocation between clinical service and education in the later half of 2015 and subsequently.

Dr Goh is the project lead for a new initiative to build an online repository of teaching resources to facilitate consistent and good quality teaching of postgraduates(Residency) and undergraduates at NUH (2013 to 2016); an appointed member of the NUS Medical Undergraduate Curriculum Rationalisation Central Nervous Systems-Based Workgroup (2014 to 2016, 2 year term); is a core faculty member of the NUHS Radiology Residency program; the Certificate of Completion in Medical and Health Professions Education program, Centre for Medical Education, NUS; as well as a local faculty member (for Unit 1 and 7) and Unit 7 co-ordinator for the MHPE-S program run conjointly by Maastricht University and the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. He was a faculty member in the area of technology enhanced learning as part of a Singapore International Foundation / Temasek Foundation three-year training project, in collaboration with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health and University of Colombo to enhance the quality of healthcare education at a national level in Sri Lanka through the training of local health care professionals (2013 to 2016). Dr Goh has participated as invited plenary speaker and workshop presenter at a Conference on Medical Education at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and as visiting professor in eLearning at Kazakh National Medical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2015. He is currently an appointed member of the AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) eLearning committee (since 2011), was a member of the organising committee for the one and a half day eLearning Symposium immediately preceding the main AMEE conference in Glasgow in 2015; and also co-organised a research in medical education track for the 12th APMEC (Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference) in 2015. Dr Goh became a Fellow of AMEE (FAMEE) in 2017.

In the next 3 to 5 years, his focus in educational research will be evaluating and developing insight into the use of hyperlinked indexed clinical and radiology case repositories in undergraduate and postgraduate education and training, under conditions of deliberate practice and mastery training.

“Passions - Technology enhanced learning, Education, and Radiology.
Technology as a tool, platform and enabler to support and augment face to face customised teaching and learning; with educational principles as the foundation; and radiology, as well as Medical Education Faculty Development and Scholarship as my academic and clinical focus.” (LinkedIn profile)
(Collected Medical Education Activities)

Honors and Awards

Best paper award from session on Learning Technologies, Strategies for Assessing Student Learning and Teaching, 2nd International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics, Orlando, Florida, 2011 

Poster Prize (Merit) Award, 6th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference, Singapore, 2009

Excellent Teacher Award, 2004 (National University of Singapore)

Ken Grice Prize, 1985 (joint top student, Medicine and Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Entrance Clarke Scholarship, Trinity College, University of Melbourne, 1982
and subsequent yearly major scholarships at Trinity College over 6 years as residential scholar
(while attending the Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne, Australia)

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