Sunday, 3 February 2013

Challenges of Organising Postgraduate Residency Training

Arguably one of the greatest challenges for residency curriculum planners / directors is ensuring consistency of clinical experience

It could also be argued that clinical experience and expertise is based on a foundation of clinical case experience - both the variety and range of cases, and depth of case experience

Digital case repositories have a role in facilitating residency training by providing an accessible, reusable, hyperlinked collection of clinical cases that mirror the full spectrum of clinical experience - from typical to atypical presentations, with confounding features, and multiple pathologies

We can go beyond digital repositories containing examples of radiology, pathology, dermatology, ECG and laboratory data, to anonymised clinical case collections, which are indexed, and have also been disaggregated into reusable, digital elements

One place to start is day to day clinical case review, case presentations for resident teaching, grand rounds, multidisciplinary case conferences, and quality review and audit sessions (where case material is presented in digital form already - eg. Powerpoint)

This can be supplemented by additional cases from other online case collections on a thematic basis, and online journal articles to deepen knowledge and expertise

For radiology training, examples of this can be seen below

Mastery training in diagnostic radiology presentation