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Radiology for Primary Care (17 April 2019, Wednesday, 1800hrs)

Message to participants:

"Thank you to the organisers for the invitation to speak to this cohort of family medicine trainees. 

I will be presenting entirely from this website, and have requested that the organisers of this session ensure that there is high bandwidth WiFi at the meeting venue, as well as reminding all participants to bring along an internet connected device (mobile, tablet, or laptop) to interact with the material throughout the session. I have also requested that this website link be shared with all participants from Monday morning, 15 April 2019, so that participants can preview the material before the session.

This interactive presentation with have several sections. Participants are encouraged to review the section on Imaging Requirements for Primary Care in the paper below, as well as review the "Survival Radiology for GPs" following article (links below). Please also dip and skim through the additional online resources provided on this webpage. During the 'live' session, I will focus on Bone, Chest, Abdominal radiology and Neuroradiology, by reviewing exemplar case material, and discussing key points regarding selection of imaging, and basics of interpretation. We will also review some of the online resources on this webpage, and discuss how to use these online resources, as well as a "deliberate practice and mastery training" approach to learning, using digital and online resources. I encourage participants to write down questions you would like to discuss, and bring this up at the beginning of the session. 

I look forward to having an interactive, informative discussion with all of you.

With warmest regards, 

(see section on Imaging Requirements for Primary Care)

(see Radiology CME for Family Doctors, quiz format)

('Making the best use of clinical radiology services' - Royal College of Radiologists referral guidelines)

Google image search 'fractures of wrist'

above from, and for more info see link below

above from

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