Wednesday, 23 July 2014

14th Advanced Neuroradiology Course, October 16 and 17th, 2014; Singapore

Lecture Abstract:

A map is a useful aid to navigate and make sense of new or unfamiliar territory. The orbit is included in most neuroimaging cross sectional CT and MRI studies, yet unfamiliar territory to many novice neuroradiologists. We will review an approach to orbital imaging, refined over the last 13 years, through a close working partnership with the clinical ophthalmology and pathology teams at the National University Hospital, in Singapore, through the vehicle of monthly clinical radiology pathology sessions, as well as academic joint symposiums, and review articles that we have published together; by presenting an
“i-Map”, a roadmap for orbital imaging.

Review of orbital imaging
PS Goh, MT Gi, A Charlton, C Tan, JK Gangadhara Sundar, S Amrith
European journal of radiology, 2008, 66 (3), 387-395

Presentation “digital content display wall” on website below

Dr GOH Poh Sun
MBBS(Melb), FRCR, FAMS, MHPE(Maastricht)
Associate Professor and Senior Consultant
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
National University Hospital
National University Health System
Email: (LinkedIn profile)

Brief Bio:
Dr Goh is a clinician educator who currently devotes 60% of his time to clinical practice and postgraduate training; and 40% of time to faculty development and educational research. This has been supplemented over the last three years by daily two to three hour early morning sessions focused on creating, curating and sharing (anonymised) case based educational teaching resources on a variety of digital and mobile learning platforms, from a digital repository currently containing over 5000 digital teaching and learning objects. 24/21/13: years of experience as a clinical radiologist/educator/technology enhanced learning practitioner. He has a special interest in neuroradiology, and a long-standing association, and collaboration with the ophthalmology department at NUH (for the last 25 years, including being the lead radiologist for the monthly clinical-radiology-pathology teaching case review session for the last 13 years, including role as curator of the digital teaching material from this meeting - there are now over 500 indexed teaching cases in orbital disease in our digital teaching repository).

"Passions - Technology enhanced learning, Education, Radiology. Technology as a tool, platform and enabler to support and augment face to face customised teaching and learning; with educational principles as the foundation; and radiology as my academic and clinical focus."

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