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What is Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)? eLearning?

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What is Technology to me? What does Technology do for me? - in Medical Education and Training, MedEd Faculty Development
by Poh-Sun Goh

Low cost or no cost
At hand, in the palm of my hand
24/7, on demand
Mobile through Tablet, Laptop and Large Screen to eventual high resolution, low latency Virtual/Augmented Reality visualisation

4G and soon 5G
High speed WiFi and broadband

Accessible and discoverable, searchable, digital content - free and low cost access
Easy to Use
Well designed software, apps, platforms
Devices with easy to use UI and excellent UX

TEACH (including design, plan, assess, evaluate, provide feedback - seek feedback, learning analytics and outcomes)
LEARN (including access, on demand, customised, personalised, Relevant, feedback, achieving competencies and learning outcomes - Right content, Right time, for the job Required)

Scale, Network
Time, Place, Space expansion
Choice, Best Time, When Useful
Pause, Repeat, Come back to


Share, Interact with, Collaborate  EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP

Guide(s), Interactions, Points of View - Access to EXPERTS (subject matter, content), WIDER POINTS of VIEW

Outcome metrics - What is Technology to me? What does Technology do for me? - in Medical Education and Training, MedEd Faculty Development
(posted by Poh-Sun Goh on 19 February 2019 @ 0900am)

SPEND on (TIME, ATTENTION, $), use, ask for, invite, recommend, collect, link to, curate, cite-discuss, think about, think of


Technology enhanced learning, or eLearning.

Reflecting on my use of Technology in teaching, learning, and in faculty development today.

Key words which come to mind include ‘ease” of use, ‘expanding’ and ‘extending’ access, and my reach as a teacher, with students and trainees, and fellow teachers. To create, and curate content (with attribution), including graphics, video and multimedia. To work together, and collaborate.

There is great democratisation of access to, and understanding of how to use the tools and platforms available. We start off with digital content (our PowerPoint deck comes to mind), which can then be accessed, and shared, in multiple formats and forms.

The limiting factors are time, motivation, awareness, training - including in pedagogy, instructional design and design thinking, and an experimental, rapid improvement, scholarly and scholarship mindset, and mindfulness of not only the positive use of technology, but also the ‘dark’ side of technology use, and pitfalls in its use.

All this against a backdrop of ongoing rapid, exciting, exponential expansion of technology adoption and use by increasing numbers of individuals worldwide, with technology development, and innovative application of technology within, and outside education making the news on a daily basis. The excitement, and engagement I feel with technology use is due to many of the features and points made in Step 1 (previous section).


Reflect on how Bloom's taxonomy, Miller's pyramid and the Kirkpatrick model might apply to learning continuum map from Poh-Sun Goh

3 take home points 

1. focus on your teaching and learning objectives, not the technology ... (e)Learning (small "e", big "L"... focus on the Learning) ... focus on understanding learning needs, curricula design, scaffolding, learner support and customised learning, assessment with feedback and evaluate what you are doing ... document and make transparent your process

2. use "simple" tech - email, SMS, blogs (websites) to broadcast, and "narrowcast" .. targeted message ... connect ... disseminate ... document

3. keep refining your teaching techniques, and improving as an educator  (Glassick's criteria - clear goals, adequate preparation, appropriate methods, significant results, effective presentation, AND reflective critique ..... Glassick, C.E., Huber, M.R. & Maeroff, G.I. (1997). Scholarship Assessed - Evaluation of the Professiorate. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass).

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