Friday, 13 February 2015

MHPE-S program train the trainers workshop, Feb 9th to 13th, 2014 @ Academy of Medicine, Singapore

Big thank you to Renee and Jan from Maastricht for running this workshop; Prof Lim Shih Hui, Master of the Academy of Medicine Singapore for supporting this program; Associate Professor Erle Lim, Chairman of the Chapter of Clinician Educators at the Academy of Medicine and Dr Dujeepa Samarasekera, Program Director of the Master of Health Professions Education Program Singapore for co-ordinating this train the trainers workshop, and the staff at the Academy of Medicine Singapore for taking such good care of us this week.

My 5 takeaways from this weeks' program - 1) much deeper insight into Unit 1, which Renee originally presented in 2009 at Maastricht, when she was Unit 1 co-ordinator; with additional insight now as MHPE graduate, and revisiting unit as local faculty. Unit 1 is a microcosm of Year 1 of the MHPE program, and first step of a "spiral" MHPE curriculum; 2) a daily commitment to post comments on the MHPE discussion forum while a student (not a course requirement by any means, but a personal commitment) was very good training to build up a daily habit which has done wonders for my personal academic productivity; which now facilitates writing at least 30 minutes to one hour first thing every day; 3) Renee and Jan really embodied the principles of CCCS (active learning expressed in contextual, collaborative and constructive workshop activities with some self directed elements) all the while scheduling time and space for very interactive group discussions; 4) the social activities within this week, expressed by having lunches and short tea breaks together, has brought us as a group of local faculty much closer together; and finally 5) the brainstorming of additional activities to add to the MHPE-S program has come up with at least one "project",  to write a commentary piece tentatively titled "Educational theory informing "X" based learning" for publication in the Annals of the Academy, Singapore.

(Take a few steps, every day. Above photo shows sunrise at Bunker Bay, WA)

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