Thursday, 22 January 2015

The "Double Teaching Session"

The "Double Teaching Session"

As educators, what if we could "re-do" a teaching session? Have a second chance to improve an educational encounter? In individual, small group and large group settings.

Well we can. With eLearning, or Technology Enhanced Learning.

It is possible to present in narrative, illustrative, mulimedia and video formats what we would have presented in a teaching session before the major teaching encounter. Simulate the interactive student-instructor encounter. Obtain feedback (both quantitative and qualitative) as well as use data analytics to evaluate what students actually spend time viewing, interacting with, and recommending. Then reboot, revise, and customise the major teaching session to what an individual, or specific group of students actually needs.

This idea takes the "flipped classroom" concept further. Extends the concept of personalized learning. Expands the temporal reach of a single teaching session.

It also incorporates business school concepts of "early prototyping"; "relative importance testing", "shadow testing" and field testing"; "market feedback" and "iteration cycles".

The application of this educational proposal will be illustrated further at Symposium 4, the "Early Investigators Symposium" at the 12th APMEC meeting in Singapore on February 5th, 2015 at 11am.

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