Monday, 6 October 2014

Chest Radiology Educational Material - Undergraduate, and Postgraduate

Y1 MBBS - Chest Radiology Anatomy Correlation (NUS student feedback below)

Y2 MBBS - Chest Radiology Pathology Correlation (building on Y1 material) (NUS student feedback below for 2013 lecture)

Part 1_Introduction and review of content (from Webcast of lecture)

Part 2_Lecturer’s discussion (principles of edge, density and location applied to 6 key conditions) (from Webcast of lecture)

Part 3_Group Exercise (apply principles of CXR interpretation to one of 4 unknown CXRs) (from Webcast of lecture)

One more response 48 hours after the lecture on Survey Monkey (see below).

                                           (lecture resource website link above)



NUS online undergraduate student feedback

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