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Artifacts from an educational portfolio (examples)

Workshop registration area, PGPR workshops venue, 11th APMEC 2014

ESME workshop, 11th APMEC

Creativity in medical education workshop, 11th APMEC

Leading educational change workshop, 11th APMEC

Asia Pacific collaboration in medical education meeting @ 11th APMEC 2014

Singapore International Foundation – Enhancing Health Professional Education in Sri Lanka (October 31st to 2nd November)
31st October 2013 (New Biochemistry Lecture Theatre Colombo Medical Faculty)

Arrive Colombo - early morning Thursday 31th

9.30am-      Arrive Colombo Medical Faculty

10 am -       Medical School Meeting Dean (Professor Sally Chan, Dujeepa and SIF)

10.30 am – Welcome Introduction

Sharing of past work and progress

11 am -       Summary of EPAs and introduction to Blueprints

12 noon -    Q and A

12.30pm-    Lunch

2.00 pm –    Training of future nurse practitioners in an Interpeorfessional patient/practice care settings (Lecture – Large Group) Professor Sally Chan, Professor of Nursing, Alice Lee Centre for Nursing, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

3.00 pm –    Teaching for effective learning in Clinical Education (Lecture – Large Group) Dr. Dujeepa D. Samarasekera, Director Medical Education Unit, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

4.00 pm –    Q and A

4.30pm-      Close of session

1st Friday November 2013 (Faculty Boardroom, Colombo Medical Faculty)

9am –          Introduction

9.30am –     Technology support in teaching-learning Assoc Prof Goh Poh Sun, Dept of Diagnostic Imaging and Associate Medical Education Unit, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. (Web connecting from Singapore)

10.30am     Tea

11am          Incorporating Interprofessional Learning

12 noon      Lunch

1pm            Assessment in Clinical Years -Best evidence contemporary practice

2.00 pm      Working on blueprints

3.00 pm                Tea

3.30pm       Sharing of blueprints

4.00            Future work plans and schedules sharing

4.30            Close

2nd November (Saturday)

9am            Discussions with key leadership regarding progress

10am          Discussions with core clinical educators.

12noon       Close of activities

10 pm         Departure to Singapore

Three takeaways for Nov 1 conference call with Sri Lankan educators on Technology Enhanced Learning @ 12 noon, Nov 1, 2013, Friday

1. (e)Learning - the quality of the educational content, and teaching pedagogy is the key (focus on supporting learning ... and the role of the teacher)

2. use open education resources (OERs), and systematically build up your localised digital knowledge repository

3. focus on faculty development, systematic, planned, with periodic feedback, evaluation and reflection on the process ... and outcomes


Brief outline of Nov 1 discussion with educators from Sri Lanka

A. Role of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or (e)Learning

B. My current activities in TEL

C. Background in TEL

D. Short CV

                                AMEE 2012 Annual Report (see report from eLearning committee)

Conference call on Feb 26, 2014 @2130hrs to plan the eLearning pre-conference program for AMEE 2015 in Glasgow (above)

and on May 23, 2014 @ 2030hrs (below)


Under editorial review (above)

M3 (surgery) undergraduate case review session: 1245 to 1345hrs, Oct 23, 2013, Conference Room, Radiology Department, Level 2, NUH (above)

Slides for M1 lecture (Chest and Lungs): 11am to 12noon, MD 6, LT 35; Oct 25, 2013 (above and below)

Slides for M2 lecture title slide above, with rest of slides on website below (Imaging of Respiratory Tract Disorders): 0930 to 1030am, MD 6 LT 35; Thursday, Nov 21, 2013

Using the flipped classroom model in medical education: 12noon to 2pm, Symposium rooms 2 & 3, Clinical Research Centre (CRC), Block MD 11, 10 Medical Drive, YLL SOM, NUS on Dec 10, 2013

                               Maastricht SHE Annual Report 2012 (see MHPE graduates page)

Involvement in the faculty development program, Medical Education Unit
National University of Singapore (above)

First scholarly project milestones for R1 residents I am supervising (AK above, and HY below), October, 2013

Working with R2 ophthalmology residents (as part of preparation for monthly clinical radiology radiology multidisciplinary case conference: see example of outcome below)



                                                              ePortfolio tips

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