Friday, 2 May 2014

Mastery training and deliberate practice: Topic - acute neuroimaging


NUHS Neuroradiology Residency Curriculum

Case review strategy for residents and fellows

Cognitive apprenticeship

Literature on the learning process, what is learning, and how to optimise learning

What is "mastery" in diagnostic radiology training?

Emergency neuroradiology cases

Quiz items below from Learning Neuroradiology

Resident challenge - the "3Rs"


Recall - key features

Reason(ing) - between competing differential diagnoses

Drill and practice instructional strategy

Flashcard drills (.doc)

Flashcards about perceptual learning

Perception flashcards

Learning styles

Mastery training and deliberate practice: Topic - Acute Neuroimaging Set 1/2014

UCSD Neuroradiology Teaching Cases (See indexed cased collections)

Paediatric Neuroradiology: A Case Based Review (presentation in pdf)

Face-A-Case: RadPod (video)

Clinical Neuroradiology: A Case-Based Approach 2009 (review in AJNR) (review in AJNR)

Case Review: Brain Imaging 1999 (review in AJNR)

Brain Imaging: Case Review Series 2008 (review in AJNR)

Neuroradiology: The Requisites, 3rd edition 2010 (review in Radiology)

Osborne's Brain: Imaging, Pathology, and Anatomy (book review of Osborne's Brain in AJNR)

Case-Based Imaging Review Course ARRS May 2014

Intensive Review in Diagnostic Neuroradiology: Update 2014 (Harvard Medical School) see course program

Neuroradiology: Practice to Innovation (Mayo Clinic, 2014 Course brochure in pdf) see course program

European School of Radiology eLearning courses (10 Euros for one month access for ESR members)

European School of Radiology educational programs

Mastery tips

10000 hours

Acquiring expertise: ability, practice, and other influences

Quiz item 1 (what is location? discuss pathology)

Quiz item 2 (what is location? discuss pathology)

Quiz item 3 (location?, pathology?)

Quiz item 4 (location? pathology?)

Quiz item 5 (location? pathology?)

Quiz item 6 (location? pathology?)

Quiz item 7 (location? pathology?)

Quiz item 8 (location? pathology?)

Quiz item 9 (location? pathology?)

Quiz item 10 (location? pathology?)

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