Tuesday, 15 April 2014

(e)Learning and (m)Learning (or mobile learning) "digital first" and "blended learning" strategy

Content + Platform + Audience / Value Add

Digital First, with Blending Learning, and "Flipping Classroom" mindset

>5000 online (indexed) teaching cases

eg. Hyperlinked radiology clinical case teaching and learning repositories (collectively > 150,000 page views)

> 5000 hyperlinked (indexed) curated teaching resources

Online digital and mobile platform

eg. Learning Neuroradiology Blog,  CaseBasedLearning@NUHS,  Learning@NUHS

Upcoming eBooks and mBooks (interactive)

        Digital, customised/personalised/unique learning document/deliberate practice and mastery training                      experience

Online and mobile audience - local, regional and international

Embedded content development and curation processes, supported by educational theory, literature and evidence

Face to face individual, small group and large group interactive presentations, symposia and workshops

eg. Workshops, Symposia and Invited PresentationsTelRoundtable2014@11thAPMEC

Invitations to participate; faculty development; consult and collaborate, and quality of the output (example)

eg. AMEE eLearning committee or AMEE eLearning committee screenshotSIF / Temasek Foundation / MEU collaboration with MOH Sri LankaTEL projects (local and international)

Peer reviewed conference papers

eg. http://www.cdtl.nus.edu.sg/tel2013/slides/GohPohSun.pdf    or    Building an online repository of teaching resources to facilitate consistent and good quality teaching of postgraduates and undergraduates in medicine – a preliminary report    from    Technology enhanced learning TEL 2013 symposium by CDTL, NUS

Online and mobile interactive learning platforms

Blended learning approach

Mastery training and deliberate practice ethos

Evaluating Teaching - Quantity and Quality (Methods and Examples)

Kirkpatrick 4 levels of evaluation (Google images)



Digital convergence erodes boundaries (Forbes)

The internet of everything 2014 slidedeck Business Insider)

table for discussion (Apr 27, 2014 version)

Design thinking (IDEO)

Live prototyping




How to make good TV for the web according to Amazon

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