Friday, 11 April 2014

(e)Assessment and Evaluation

What works and what doesn't: Evaluation beyond Kirkpatrick (Kaufman, Keller & Watkins, 1995)

Beyond Kirkpatrick: An evaluation dilemma (Richmond, 1998)

Enhancing learning through evaluation: Approaches, dilemmas, and some possible ways forward (Carlsson & Engel, 2002)

The Best of Training and Development: Measuring and Evaluating Learning (pdf)

Kirkpatrick revisited (2011)

Joint Committee on Surgical Training ISCP Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Program Report 2012

Research into effective evaluation techniques for training and learning programs

Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation in Education (pdf)

Developing competency-based assessment plans (Workforce Development Agency, Singapore) (pdf)

What is a competency? and What is competency based assessment? (US Office of Personnel Management)

Competency based training and assessment (State Government of Victoria, Australia)

Transforming exams - Dr Matthew Hillier (University of Queensland) pdf

Dr Matthew Hillier

A framework for the professional development of postgraduate medical supervisors

Guidelines for dental educators - a framework for developing standards for dental educators

Review of quality education in higher education

Quality assurance in higher education

Understanding assessment (UK)

National policy framework for teacher education in South Africa

Teacher education India

Teacher education Pakistan

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