Thursday, 6 February 2014

Neuroradiology Resident vs Neuroradiology Fellow Mentorship Conversations

Neuroradiology Resident


Tell me about your background (medical school, clinical experience, radiology experience)

Review of Royal College of Radiology (UK) curriculum, curated and customised further below.

Specialty training curriculum for clinical radiology (Royal College of Radiologists, UK)

           Applied curriculum for NUHS neuroradiology residency

Emphasis on the roles and key competencies of a radiologist

Cognitive apprenticeship

How radiology experts think and the value of online repositories

Some tips on motivation, time and effort allocation

Literature on the learning process

Mastery training in diagnostic radiology (Slideshare presentation)

Case review strategies for residents and fellows

Neuroradiology Fellow

Tell me about your background

List your objectives for the neuroradiology fellowship

Spend first month working through weekly assignments, with feedback on clinical practice and discussion on the training process

Monthly meetings to map progress (foundation building, focus on learning process, learning how to learn, competency building, and planning projects)

American Society of Neuroradiology

         Certificate of added qualification in neuroradiology


European Society of Neuroradiology

         European school of Neuroradiology

Case review strategy for residents and fellows

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