Friday, 12 June 2015

We spend time both in the real world, and online

We spend time both in the real world, and online
Goh Poh Sun (First draft at 0630am, on June 13, 2015)

We spend time and inhabit both the real world, and the online one. This enables us to distinguish between, and appreciate what we value most about live interaction, and the tangibility of physical media. The texture and physical presence of a book, or journal article. The ease of remembering where certain passages are in an article or book. The physical appearance, and design of a book adding to its character; similar to the framing of a painting adding to the work of an artist. Writing and annotating notebooks, and then reviewing the pen strokes and jottings provides an added tangibility to a passage or phrase. Visiting a bookshop or museum provides a multi-sensory experience, a sense of place and space. Physical exploration slows us down, while preserving a sense of discovery, allowing both browsing, and deep contemplation.

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